Friday, January 9, 2015

Why The Inane Distraction of "Racism" Vis-A-Vis Paris Must Stop

I truly understand: there were a lot of feelings on Wednesday. Obviously, I expressed a few of my own -- without apology, I might add. 

But there is an increasing trend in the far Left that goes beyond mere apologist rhetoric for Islam, but counterpoints by calling all who criticize it "racist". This is obviously not a new tactic, though it is as cheap as it ever was -- especially after Ben Affleck impotently tried to indulge it against Sam Harris and Bill Maher last October. 

Since the Paris attacks on Wednesday, social media, blogs, and other outlets have been positively crammed with accusations toward atheists and those unsympathetic to the hurt feelings of Muslims when "blasphemy" is involved by calling our invective against their religion "racist". I won't beat a dead horse, gentle readers -- you know know why criticism against a series of ideas isn't racist and I won't belabor you with the point again. 

But now, the AQAP has specifically taken credit for the murder of Charlie Hedbo staff members, and their explanation will not come as a surprise to anyone with half a brain. 

(apologies for phone screenshot. Credit: Circa News App)

Enough is enough. The two days of constant badgering from religious apologists and neo-liberals claiming that criticism of religion is inseparable from criticism of the ethnic groups of people who believe in it must stop. The dialectic approach to the subject of religious terrorism has been proven correct more often than not. It was true in Copenhagen. It was true in Bamiyan. It was true for Theo van Gogh.  If the discussion is to progress anywhere to the level that it must in order for healing to begin and proper action to be taken, an observance of what religion is capable of must be properly had without silly distractions from those who are claiming a victimization on the basis of ideas they choose to defend. 

In other words, the far Left needs to stop hearing hoofbeats and thinking zebras. If it attacks a paper satirizing Islam (or any other free work committing what Islam considers blasphemy), if it kills those responsible, if it cried "Allahu Akbar!" and "We have avenged the prophet!" after the deed, it is most likely a religious terrorist given license to commit their heinous acts by the doctrines of Islam and shari'a. 

Saying so isn't racist. And how sad it is that a statement from these kinds of people are what gives us the platform on which to prove it. 

I am as much against racism as anyone else. When I see people committing it, trust me, I will be on your side. Until then, let's get back to talking about the horses. 

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