Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Damn You, Faith

(Artist without credit. Will add if someone sends me the name)

I am going to do the thing that no decent writer should do. I am not going to compose a response to the events in Paris, which, in any case, were so heinous that they defy composed description. I am not going to comment. In accordance with my sentiments on anger posted just the other day, I am going to give you an unadulterated, unrestrained expression of fury.

Damn you, all those responsible, directly and peripherally, for the deaths of Charlie Hebdo staff members. You and your ilk are that kind of Mohammedan scum that make the idea of a civilized society a struggle even for the imagination. Your slavish needs to serve your own salvation over the the living liberties you and your fellow men possess is the single greatest catalyst for evil in the known world. I cannot, in the inadequate prison of the English language, articulate to you the hatred you so desperately deserve. If hell existed, it was created for you and you alone. 

Damn you, all apologists on behalf of the ideology that makes such people possible -- specifically Glenn Greenwald, CJ Werleman, and the delusional ejaculations of other faithiests rushing to placate the other 1.6 billion followers of one of the world's worst collections of ideas. Surely, not all Muslims are terrorists, but Islam is responsible for the ideology that spurs all Muslim terrorists on their bloody quests. Islam is the source of this fixation on martyrdom, hatred of secularism, blindness to reality, and complete refusal to adopt a sense of humor. It is what gives them a license to destroy themselves and innocent people. If the grand majority of Muslims do not indulge in this kind of behavior, we are grateful -- but it is not because their faith doesn't give them permission to express the most sinister breeds of puerile revenge. Really, that kind of moderation is one step closer to the humanism that all people should embrace. Harris was right on this point: there is no such thing as an extremist. There are only those who execute the orders of their faith more succinctly than moderates.

Damn you, all hypocrites on the subject of faith at large: those praying for victims of religious violence; those maintaining a belief in a false god is responsible while espousing the mercy of their own; those who ignore Christian terrorism in favor of Islamic terrorism in the vain hope that it justifies their own brand of delusion; those faithful who think faith isn't responsible. Damn those who pray for the souls of those who would condemn them were the drawings of Jesus, instead. You have officially become part of the problem. You are, to varying extents, responsible. 

Damn you, finally, god. The irony is painful, but I'm now forced to directly engage other people's imaginary friend. For even absent of existence, your mere idea is so toxic that it has spawned an entropy spanning millennia, and more blood-shed than can ever be forgotten in the rest of our history as a species. I am so beyond sickened that this is the result of a fairy tale, that the amputation of our most innate rights of expression and the sudden execution of artists are the culmination of a fucking bed-time story. And damn you most of all if you existed, as no plan but the most selfish, mercurial, wasteful, and sadistic kind of capricious masturbation would explain your complete failure as a benevolent deity. 

As far as ideas go, "Charlie Hebdo" and those who made it died for an idea far greater than you. 

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