Sunday, June 8, 2014

On My Current and Upcoming Work

Hello, gentle readers. 

Many of you have probably noticed an absence of work on this page for the last couple of months. I am afraid I cannot guarantee that will soon change. I've been lacking in my usual verve to put fingers to keys due to a number of distractions. And while the subject of religion typically galvanizes me with the same desperate energy as filled Winston when he began with April 4th, 1984, I admit that other works in the same subject have been taking up both hours and seconds of a life too short. 

For those who are kind and indulgent enough to care, a new book bearing my name will be released in February of next year. A kind Englishman came up with what I found to be a brilliant idea: to take six topics and throw them into the eager, snapping jaws of six atheists and six theists, and through debating chapters allow the reader to peruse the arguments from both sides simultaneously -- appropriately titled 666, I was humbled and grateful to be asked to contribute a chapter on "The Philosophy of Atheism", on which I am currently working. The pressure is on, gentle reader, as the other names to light this theological marquee are made of far greater foot-candles! Also contributing chapters will be the best-selling and renowned theoretical physicist Lawrence Krauss of book and lecture fame, who recently was featured in the documentary The Unbelievers alongside Richard Dawkins, with whom he has worked extensively. As well, Richard Carrier of outstanding academic distinction, Colin Humphreys, and William J. Abraham are all giving chapters to this engaging work, along with several others. As I am now in something of the ring with heavy-weights, my meager chapter is being given the bulk of my attention, and I fear that any less will make it unworthy of the same ink as these scholars -- though even at my best, it may well fall short. So indeed our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt. Giving a voice to the fight against theistic delusion is undoubtedly a good that might be won. 

As well, I am directing The History Boys in Northwest Montana -- a play that is not a light academic pursuit for those are are familiar with it. In tandem is my performance as Satan in The Last Days of Judas Iscariot, and my due diligence as an actor requires that I simply not let the old boy down. Beyond which, the Flathead Valley in the summer is simply a vision -- replete with glacial rivers and lakes, unparalleled sunshine and breeze, and a chock of my oldest friends all gathered -- the thought of blogging even on the most provocative of topics somehow feels to be wearing. 

All this, of course, precedes what will become the greatest of all time-sucks, which is my commencement of study as a Master of Arts in Central Washington University in late August. How I will ever find time to write a thing between teaching and class-work, I'll never know. 

This is not to be a laundry list of excuses as I hope to continue this page in as good of form as I can in the coming months. Perhaps it is merely a soft plea, gentle reader, to those who have been most ardent in expressing claims on my opinions on various current events, that should the water hole be slightly dry, I'm sure that some thunderous storm will soon break and open a torrent of words -- I can, after all, only contain myself for so long, should the right catalyst strike me. 

All the best, my friends.  

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