Tuesday, July 2, 2013

In Which The Book Is Finally Released

It has been quite the year-and-a-half since I moved to Missoula and so much has occurred. A portion of it bears drama worthy of a soap opera, but a great deal of it has been educational, uplifting, productive, and just an all-out, damn good time. In the Zoo, I have come to know a great deal of very fine people, witnessed some excellent art, and improved myself in several notable ways. But of all these life-victories, I did something very important to me -- I contributed to the god debate and wrote a book.

When I first sat down in February of 2012 and stared at the irritating flash of a blinking cursor, I knew that I had something to say, but I was terrified to say it. I knew that others had said it before me and that they had likely done it more eloquently, more effectively, and more successfully. I knew that saying it would make me a pariah among a vast number of  people (that is, should a vast number of people ever read it). I knew that saying it would commit me to a task that would, should I never finish it, be one of the bigger staples of failure in my life. As the weeks went by and more words found their way on the page, I discovered that I was obliged to finish the work, and finish it to the best of my ability. Not only because I believed in the argument, but also for the far more practical and egotistical reason that a bunch of people knew I was writing it and the pressure to finish it was incredible. I didn't want something so important to turn out to be an addition to the overwhelming digital pile of half-finished manuscripts that haunt me from time to time. 

When I finished in August, a special and beautiful friend of mine (I have unparalleled luck in having amassed a huge number of beautiful friends) turned up with a bottle of champagne -- sometimes, there is comfort in the cliche. I didn't realize that she should have saved it for a couple of months, because that span of time was exactly how long it took to find a publisher. Dangerous Little Books, descending upon me like an angel (insert irony here) picked up my little book and turned it into something that I hope the public finds readable. 

And so, gentle readers, it gives me excellent pleasure to announce the release of Oh, Your god!. I hope you find it as insightful and as educational as I did while writing it. Apologies for having been a little lax in keeping the blog up this summer -- I have a terrible penchant of becoming very lazy when the weather is agreeable. Here are the links to my publisher's website and the book listing on Amazon. Thanks to all who read and even more thanks to those who keep fighting the good fight. 



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